Therapy Dog classes through The Good Dog Foundation are offered to dog and handler teams who first fill out a pre-screen form, then come in for a free in-person evaluation for placement into classes. Graduates of the Therapy Skills class become certified Good Dog therapy dog teams and make visits to partner facilities throughout the Hudson Valley in Dutchess, and Columbia Counties in NY as well as Litchfield County CT, and Berkshire County MA. Click here for more information on The Good Dog Foundation or contact us with your questions.

Therapy Skills        

Class dates 11/21, 12/5, 12/12, 12/19 at 7:15 pm


This is a four week class and is a review of basic obedience work and a full immersion into therapy work. We will simulate a variety of therapy and clinical settings. Obedience cues and manners will be practiced in increasingly distracting situations.

To be ready for Therapy Skills, dogs must have fairly solid basic obedience skills such as Sit, Stay, Down, and Leave It. Dogs must also walk politely on a loose leash on a flat collar or harness, and may not jump to greet people. Handlers must demonstrate control over their dog at all times. If your dog needs more work on obedience skills before applying to Good Dog come take one of our non-therapy dog classes first.


All our therapy dog classes are held in the Amenia, Stanfordville, Pine Plains area.